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FlickHuck.com Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about?

FlickHuck.com is a website designed for Ultimate tournaments and leagues.

How do I add my tournament or league?

Sign up, login, and then create your event.

Can I create a test event to play around with the website functionality?

Yes! On the create event page there is a checkbox for creating a test event. Make sure to check that box and then play around to your heart's content.

How are the events structured? Pool play? Brackets? etc

FlickHuck.com is powered by an open source library called Tourney Nerd. You can read about how Tourney Nerd structures events in the documentation.

My event is similar to another event. Can I clone an existing event?

Yes! After you create your event there is a set up wizard where you can clone the structure of an existing event.

We recommend cloning one of the standard events and then modifying values for your needs (ie: team names, schedule times, etc).

I'm new and want to play Ultimate. Do I have to play in a league or tournament? Are there pickup games?

Check out PickupUltimate.com, also by the same developer of this website.

Who is behind FlickHuck.com?

FlickHuck.com is designed and developed by Chris Oakman.